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Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the order. As a team that is growing in numbers and power we have to set goals, paths and strategies for the order. We do have these in place and they are working for us. We ask that all potential candidates agree to and follow the order strategies. If you do not like them, then that is fine, we thank you for your interest and wish you well. If you do like them, then welcome to the order. Our strategy works, and is one we see commonly used between the higher ranked orders. Please read the entire post before making a decision.

Order Goal

The first goal of the order is to rank high in Holy Wars both in Wins and in Holy War Points. The second goal of the order is to get each of the players ranked as high as possible. These are mutually inclusive of each other. We have strategies setup (in another post) to help attain these two goals – but it does need the Order to work as a team. This is not an individual game, but a team game!

We use a chat app called LINE for all communication. This app is particularly vital during Holy Wars for coordinating attacks, among other things. You MUST download this app and send a message to order leader LaggyG to join us.

In order to help the order grow, we have set up an order bank for various purposes. We have a *minimum* donation of 4HP per month. You can donate more if you wish, but this will be discussed further in a different topic.

If you agree to the above, then please request membership by creating a thread in this forum. If you do not agree, then thank you very much and enjoy your gaming. :cheers:

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