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Hello, and thank you for your interest in MASTICATE! If you wish to join our order, please fill out the following...very easy, all you have to do is copy and paste and fill in the blanks! But please, get creative if you want...tell us the significance of your username, or what your favorite card is and why, or something interesting/unique about yourself...sometimes standing out is the best way of getting in! Go ahead, show us what you've got!

Please create a sub-topic listing the details below. Please copy paste the information and fill it out.

Game User Name ->
Realm ->
Level ->
Previous (Current?) Order ->
Time Zone ->
Stamina ->
Atk Power ->
Def Power ->
Primary Attack Deck Base & Power Used ->
Other Attack Deck(s) Base & Power Used (if applicable) ->
Defense Deck Base & Power Used ->

Why did you leave/are you leaving your previous Order ->
Your previous Order leader's name ->

Comments (tell us about you, and anything else you want us to know) ->

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